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Imagine-Art: Sitar – Flavors of India

For posts on all Murals, Sculptures and Artwork I have come across, go here. Prologue: I am always amazed at imagination that artists use various colors to bring to life on a wall. And so also that they create with any kind of metal. These are some of those murals, sculptures and any kind of…

Cinema Slueth – Baby Face

For review of all movies starring Barbara Stanwyck, go here. Stars: 5 / 5 Recommendation:  The cast is exceptional, brings out the social ladder success some have by betting everything even their own soul. It is a very fascinating film with explicit pre-Code melodrama completely overpowered by Stanwyck’s blazing performance Prologue: This series follows movies…

Wild Paradise: Firefly Magic

For all the posts in the Wild Paradise Series, go here. Have you seen a field filled with fireflies? And did you ever catch them on your camera? Last year we went to a Firefly Walk in a Firefly Sanctuary here in Connecticut when we got to spend more than an hour watching these luminous…

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