Chasing Waterfalls: Eagleville Dam Falls

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Prologue: Inspired by the 2021 Hallmark romantic movie Chasing Waterfalls started my own blog, featuring the local waterfalls in the State of Connecticut where I live, and also may be any waterfalls that I might come across in my trips around America and the World. The film was released in July, as part of their “Spring Fling” lineup. The lead actress, Cindy Busby, plays the part of Amy Atwater, a photo journalist who goes to a remote town to find a mythical waterfall. Her co-star Christopher Russell, plays the part of Mark North, the guide at the lodge where she stays in while visiting the town.

Now I am chasing these majestic and gorgeous waterfalls. Next up is Eagleville Dam Falls in Coventry, Connecticut.

For my Navratri Ke Nau Rang (= Nine Colors of Nine Nights) themed celebration of the Dusshera, the 10-day Indian festival, for Day 3 we did a little photoshoot to capture the fall colors also in the background. We came across Eagleville Dam pictures on a photography Facebook page and decided to try our photoshoot there.

Eagleville Dam is part of Eagleville Pond located in Coventry and Mansfield on the Willimantic River. The 18 ft. dam was restored in 1994 causing this gorgeous flow of water that can only be interpreted as a mini waterfall. Surprisingly the lake is very transparent giving perfect reflection of the trees surrounding it and thus the colors too.

In addition, to the Willimantic River, the pond is fed by Cedar Swamp Brook, Eagleville Brook and several small brooks. The Eagleville Pond is famous for kayaking and other boating activities along-side fishing. We found a couple of trails around the dam that you can go to if you are an avid hiker.

The color for Day 3 (October 9 2021) was Grey, and I wore this Blue-Grey Banarasi Kora Organza Saree with Zari and Silk accessorized with gold and silver plated large earrings; a choker around my neck; a red stone and white pearled chaabi guccha (= decorative key ring) at my waist; color coordinated bangles on my wrists.


Incidentally there was a 5K the very same day, so I sported the finisher’s medal in a few pictures too.

Here are some more pictures with my friend in it as well. We were lucky that an onlooker ran towards us offering to help take a pic of us together as well.

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