Chasing Waterfalls: Enders Falls

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Prologue: Inspired by the 2021 Hallmark romantic movie Chasing Waterfalls started my own blog, featuring the local waterfalls in the State of Connecticut where I live, and also may be any waterfalls that I might come across in my trips around America and the World. The film was released in July 2021, as part of their “Spring Fling” lineup. The lead actress, Cindy Busby, as Amy Atwater, a photo journalist, goes to a remote town to find a mythical waterfall. Her co-star Christopher Russell, as Mark North, is her guide on this enchanted trip.

Now I am chasing these majestic and gorgeous waterfalls. Next up is the Enders Falls in Granby, Connecticut.

Enders Falls is in the Enders State Forest in the town of Granby, Connecticut. The falls are nestled in a land of diverse forest filled with wetlands. The falls itself comes in variety of cascades and plunge pools.  We hiked the Enders Falls Loop-main dust trail (Purple Blaze) to reach the spot where we could catch the falls from it’s highest point.

The hike wasn’t a big one. However, when we visited this in late May of this year (2022), it was filled with mosquitos and small insects flying all over us. Masked up is the mandatory I have been following when I go out since pandemic, so was masked up for the hike too. And what a saving grace the mask was for us.

At a few locations we found these steps with wooden railing making the hike a bit easier, specially when climbing back the steep hills.

The wetlands in the forest combine with the hilly terrain to give rise to many streams which flow generally eastward to the west branch of the Salmon River. And the various cascades of Enders Falls.

Just where the falls makes its huge drop, the plunge pool above is crystal clear. It captures the reflection of the surroundings like a mirror.

The trails are covered with tree canopy above giving the much needed refuge from sun or rain. Other recreational activities we can have in this forest other than hiking are fishing, and bird watching.

And finally yours truly with Enders Falls as a backdrop. 🙂

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