Autumn Magic on White Sakura Tree

Cherry Blossoms are famous for blooming for a mere two or three weeks during the spring. However, there is this rare variety of Cherry Blossom tree – Fuzuyakura or White Sakura – that blooms between October and December. I found that White Sakura tree, more like a small tree, this year that is currently beginning to bloom.

Simply amazing that this plant will give her pretty flowers for us to enjoy when the winters get colder. The blooms are yet to completely open, but the ones that opened up have put on a great show.

We have had some unusual warm autumns. And I seriously hope that the warm autumn will not create imbalance to this beautiful plant and hinder its blooming progress. However, I did get some late autumn colors still seen around. Here are some for you to enjoy.

A family was having hide and seek game. And the backdrop of the fall colors, the dry wood, made this little girl pop up and certainly picture perfect.

Oh and this little squirrel actually posed for me while I was taking pictures of leaves and trees around. It literally waited for me to take it’s photo before it moved on. At least that’s what my imaginative mind like to think. 🙂

There is an interesting Austrian Christmas tradition though, for those romantic hearts out there. Early in December, Austrians cut twigs from the Cherry Blossom plant, put it in a vase and place in their houses. If it blooms by Christmas Eve, then they believe that it will bring them good luck and health the following year. Whether it does or not, but it is a sweet thing to believe in. So here is my White Sakura branch.

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