Aurora & Twilight: October 2022

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Prologue: Two of my favorite things that Mother Nature gives us to feast at are the Sunrise and Sunset. I can never get enough of them. So for 2022, I picked a Sunrise-Sunset themed blog where I will be posting one collaged picture of a Sunrise and a Sunset, one for each month of the year. Hoping that you will enjoy this photo collage of two of my favorite topics as well!.

For the month of October, my pictures for capturing sunrise and sunset took me to these little nooks of place closer to my home where I live. First up the Sunrise from the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford, Connecticut.

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza is the center stage of the Riverfront Recapture Park in Hartford, Connecticut on one end of the Founders Bridge. The Founders Bridge is one of the three highway bridges over the Connecticut River in Hartford, Connecticut. The Founders Bridge promenade ends into the Riverfront Plaza.

One of the sculptures on this pedestrian walkway provided a perfect photo pop with the beautiful sunrise in the background. It is miniature versions of the 16th President of United States, Abraham Lincoln and author of the 1852 anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe. Both of them are seen standing atop an outdoor table. Lincoln supposedly had quipped “So you’re the little lady who started this big war” upon meeting Harriet for the first time.

Bruno Lucchesi commissioned this statue in 2006 which commemorated the 1862 meeting between Lincoln and Stowe, who was a Hartford resident. The is one of 16 Lincoln-related sculptures along the Hartford Riverwalk, Also one of the few Lincoln statues that doesn’t put you in his 6’4″ shadow.

I went with my friend, and we got some fun shots of each other as well with the sun rising behind us.

We saw some early rowers swooshing across the river right before the sun broke the clouds.

For Sunset, I went to the Open Protected Space close to my town, that gives some fantastic sunset views anytime of the year. This time I used a lantern as a prop to capture the setting sun inside the globe of the lantern.

Again we did some candid and fun shots with my friend, who also helped me with the prop.

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