Chasing Waterfalls: Montmorency Falls

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Prologue: Inspired by the 2021 Hallmark romantic movie Chasing Waterfalls started my own blog, featuring the local waterfalls in the State of Connecticut where I live, and also may be any waterfalls that I might come across in my trips around America and the World. The film was released in July 2021, as part of their “Spring Fling” lineup. The lead actress, Cindy Busby, as Amy Atwater, a photo journalist, goes to a remote town to find a mythical waterfall. Her co-star Christopher Russell, as Mark North is her guide on this enchanted trip.

Now I am chasing these majestic and gorgeous waterfalls. Next up is the Montmorency Falls in Quebec City, Quebec in Canada.

Earlier this year in Summer, I visited three beautiful places in Canada. One of them is Quebec City in Quebec where I got to see the gorgeous Montmorency Falls with to of my good friends. Too bad that the zipline hadnt started yet, else I would have knocked it off my bucket list.

All of the 275 feet of the Montmorency Falls plunge into shallow reservoir feeding into the St. Laurence Seaway. And we caught a rainbow at the base of the waterfalls.

One of the display board at the base of the falls mentioned that it is also called as Sugarloaf. Here is what that board said why it is called as Sugarloaf – The energy generated by water plummeting from 275 feet can exert enough heat for evaporation to occur, even in the dead of winter. Once that steam hits the frigid air, though, it quickly cools and condenses. What results is a fine, powdery snow that settles at the bottom of the falls in an enormous mound that we call pain de sucre, or sugarloaf

While were there we noticed this group of people rock climbing the mountain by the falls. The falls must be creating a deafening sound along with wind and water droplets showering the climbers. Yet they went on. Rock climbing is definitely a bucket list item for me. Not sure if I can do that sheer rock climb, but may be a smaller one I want to do once in my life.

A suspension bridge is on the top of the crest from where the Montmorency Falls plunge to. The view of the falls plunging into the reservoir below is very daunting when seen from atop the bridge. Here are several different shots of the falls and also the suspension bridge.

Here we are all with the waterfalls behind us from several vantage points.

And some candid shots from around the grounds of the bridge and the falls.

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