Strange Oddities and Peculiar Pretties: Himalayan Salt Room Experience

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Have you ever tried to meditate in a room filled with salt bricks? So, when I heard about this Himalayan Salt Room at one of the local store – Mondazzi Book, Bead & Crystal – I had to give it a try. The actual room is built with Himalayan Salt Bricks, with rope lights on the behind to give that dusky light effect. You have zero gravity chairs to sit and relax. A CD player with some CDs to play while you are relaxing.

The concept is that when Himalayan Salt is heated negative ions are released which are actually good for us. These ions purify the circulating air and increase the chemical levels of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

The room was prettily decorated with lots of Yoga banners and canvases. You could go with a friend or by yourself here though. You could book for up to 3 people. The room also comes with a heater or A/C depending on the season. So, here is my verdict:


  1. You can get an hour of relaxation trying to get your mind to settle down from the daily bustle and ongoings of your life.
  2. Ambience is super cool setting the stage to the meditation.
  3. CDs and Heater or A/C definitely helps.
  4. Reasonable price and pleasant hospitality by the store employees.
  5. Plenty of shopping to do after the fact as the store is a maze of wonder and charm.
  6. Bonus was to see the waxing moon as I was existing the store. Beautiful but sadly I had only my cellphone to capture its charm.


  1. I wish someone could have showed me how to use the zero-gravity chairs. I couldn’t sleep and relax, but managed to get rest. It would have been better if the seats were extended as well.
  2. The room is adjoining to their shop so we do hear people walking around. May be make it a little more sound proof?
  3. One gets to use the room for 60 mins. However, person like me to sit still for 60 mins a lot. Wish there was an option to have a 30 minute session too.

Verdictum: Yes

Definitely you can try the relaxation at this place. Himalayan Salt Bricks aid you in relaxing for sure. Just wish the partial booking was allowed too. 🙂

You can check out the store and the details to register for the Himalayan Salt Room here.

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