Strange Oddities and Peculiar Pretties: Scarecrow Festifall 2022

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When I went to Essex, CT in early October for the Lighthouse Cruise, it was just a couple days after the towns “Hocus Pocus” Scarecrow Festifall. It was a festival where all the businesses on the main street of the town decorated their front of their store or the lampposts in front of their store with Halloween themed scarecrows.

There were still on even though the festival was done. And what a wonderful walk it was looking at each of them and admiring the creativity these people had. Of all the ones, I loved this one the most – The Woodland Witch in front of The Black Seal store. Not sure who won the contest, but in my mind this one is a winner.

Here are the rest of the scarecrows that I captured on my camera. Perhaps you might like something different.

So, which one did you like?

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