Strange Oddities and Peculiar Pretties: Sound Meditation

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For a relaxed sleep and acquire destress that gives you mental clarity, an hour of this soothing soundscape is definitely helpful. I would say do try it and see / feel the difference.

Have you ever meditated with sounds made from various gongs? I tried it once in 2021 at The Sound Retreat. Just as the name suggests it is indeed a retreat  nestled at the edge of a lush state forest in Chester, Connecticut.

They create soothing sounds using a variety of therapeutic healing instruments including huge gongs, crystal bowls and chimes. The gongs is what first attracted my attention and I had to try it. You get to relax in zero gravity chairs while the host creates soundscape for us to get lost in the melody and thoroughly destress in every way.

Here are my thoughts on this amazing experience:


  1. Beautiful sounds definitely can help you declutter and destress in your mind and soul.
  2. Reasonable price for an hour’s session.
  3. Pleasant host who gave all the instructions needed for any first timer.


  1. Take your own blankets if you don’t want to use what the host provided since others also use them. I didn’t take one and felt cold and chilly since I wasn’t ready to use the blankets host provided.

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