Bites N Flavors – hot basil THAI EATERY

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Prologue: May 10th is National Small Business Day. One of those are these cute little mom and pop restaurants or locally owned cafes and dive-ins. This series brings forth those little nuggets of places that I visit for my meals.


Despite the delay I had in getting my order, I would say this is a place for a quick stop to have a bite of Thai and satisfy your craving.

Running between a myriad of errands one day, I quickly popped into this place. Well! The only place closer to where my errands were. Don’t judge by it’s external strip-mall store appearance. Hot Basil Thai Eatery did give me the needed nourishment in my hour of need. Located in West Harford, Connecticut it comes with some delicious menu choices in Thai cuisine as we can see in my Hot Basil Fried Rice. Yum!

Here are my 2 cents.

First Impressions:

  1. Don’t judge by external strip-mall store appearance. It is decorated beautifully with lots of statues and artwork showcasing Thai culture.
  2. One side there is a large window which is filled with plants that would help increase the oxygen content in the air, as well as bring cheer to anyone who walks in. The day I went it was sunny, so my picture is not very flattering.

3. Ambience in general is pleasing and inviting.

4. Cute little silverware and dishes welcome you at the table.

5. Reasonably priced with pleasant staff.

6. Scrumptious menu to satisfy your craving for Thai food.


  1. I believe they were understaffed when I went cause it took a while for the waitress to tend to me. Even my item came a little late.

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