Beacons of Fire: New London Ledge Lighthouse

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Prologue: I love Nora Roberts books, well her books mostly those that she wrote prior to 2009. One of her book is the 1985 romantic novel, One Man’s Art, fourth in her longest series, The McGregor Series. The hero of the story, Grant Campbell, is a loner, rude, surly and impossible, who lives in an old lighthouse. Genevieve Grandeau literally lands on his doorstep during one particular stormy night. The story that follows between Grant and Gennie is what inspired me to look at lighthouses in a different light.

Inspired by this book by Nora Roberts, here I present you my Beacons of Fire Series. Next is the New London Ledge Lighthouse in New London, Connecticut.

A couple years ago when I was going to Block Island, Rhode Island with a friend by the New London Ferry, I got an opportunity to pass by New London Ledge Lighthouse built in the middle of nowhere, ahem! I mean in he middle of the Thames River at the mouth of New London harbor.

Built in 1909 in the Second Empire style with it’s square redbrick quarters and a circular lantern room, it is one of the most striking and unusual-looking lighthouses in the United States. I am glad I got to see it albeit from afar through the windows of the ferry.

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