Mod & Groovy: Muggu Saree for Sankranthi

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Prologue: This series brings forth fashion and style from my wardrobe. These could be a little different way of styling the clothing or wearing something with unique design or repurposed fabric or sometimes simply reusing something for a different purpose.

Beginning this series with this Saree that I wore for Sankranthi – Harvest Festival this year.

Sankranthi or the Harvest Festival is one festival that is celebrated by all states in India, although it may be called differently. People from my Telugu (Indian Language) speaking states call it Sankranthi (a 3-day festival). Rangoli (art of creating patterns using flour, sand, rice, flowers, powdered stone or red ochre on floor) is huge tradition for us for this festival.

So this year I wore this Cream and Purple Cotton Saree filled with various kinds of Rangoli or Muggu (as we call in Telugu) patterns I honor of that tradition. I wore a ready-to-wear blouse in Purple and accessorized with a necklace made of beads – large and small; gold earrings with links; and color-coordinating bracelets on my wrists. Here I am with the Indian Kite – another tradition that happens during the festival – and a colorful umbrella at my feet for props.

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