Destination: Adventure 11i – Hydro Bike

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A thrilling feeling you get when you can ride the water, at the same time relaxing to your soul and mind. Try the Hydro Bike anytime you get a chance. Believe me, it is adventurous!!

Mythologically we know someone walked on water. But did you ever ride a bike on water? In 2021 while visiting Lake Placid in New York, me and my friend got an opportunity to ride something called a Hydro Bike. Here are my 2 cents on that experience.


  1. The guides were very friendly with detailed instructions to make our experience a pleasant one.
  2. Reasonably priced with sufficient time to get familiar with the bike and ride.
  3. Easily maneuverable and simple enough to turn without exerting stress.
  4. Comes with a huge slot in the front of the bike to put your purse, phone etc. so that they don’t get wet or you lose them.
  5.  Sturdy enough for you to stand and just relax too.


I had trouble getting my bike to turn left so was doing more of right turns only. Just make sure when you rent the bike that both side you can turn.

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