Imagine-Art: The English Pug & The French Poodle

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Prologue: I am always amazed at imagination that artists use various colors to bring to life on a wall. And so also that they create with any kind of metal. These are some of those murals, sculptures and any kind of amazing artwork that I came across in my travels and adventures.

In Montreal, Canada, we came across these Two Snobs also known as The English Pug & The French Poodle statues in the heart of Old Montreal. These statues evoke humor and cultural discord between the French and English Canadians. Brilliant at by Marc André J. Fortier.

On the south side corner of 500 Place d’Armes, an Englishman, represented as a thin, elegant, pretentious man, firmly presses against his chest a pug and stares with condescension at the Notre-Dame Basilica. On the north side corner of the same tower, a Frenchwoman represented as a small, elegant, snooty lady, firmly holds against her chest a French Poodle and stares with discontent at the head office of the Bank of Montreal.

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