Destination: Adventure 10a – Ice Castle

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Truly magical land, felt like Princess Anna visiting her sister Princess Elsa’s Winter Wonderland.

In 2022, I took a visit up the Ice Castle in North Woodstock, New Hampshire with a friend. This was a magical land we went to where we explored ice caverns, and walked under huge archways beautifully lighted with beautiful icicles dangling everywhere. We crawled underneath a tunnel but missed the ice slide.


A whooping 25,000 tons of ice was used to make these magical castles. They gave everything they can to keep the guests entertained for at least two to three hours. Apart from what I mentioned above, the ice castle paved way to the Mystic Forest Light Walk.

Then we went on to Winter Fairy Forest walk.

Along the way we got to see several ice sculptures. We even sat on the throne made of ice. Reminded us of the Game of the Thrones throne.

The walks culminated at the little place that provided warm hot chocolate and further up into the gift shop.

And ofcourse we watched the moon rise over the castle too.

Here is a fun picture of castle being captures by my friend on her phone that I caught on my camera.

Finally some of our pictures inside the castle.


For various security reasons they didn’t allow us to go near the Ice Castles prior to noon. Would have loved to do a photoshoot with the magical background. 😦 We did at the hotel instead.

Obviously we had to wear multiple layers, thermals and even headed socks and gloves. Minor thing I suppose for such a unique experience.

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