Wild Paradise: Majestic Eagles

Bald Eagle is the National Bird of United States of America. Yet it was on brink of extinction in the contiguous United States in the late 20th Century. However, several laws and policies have been put in place that helped recover their population. Now they not longer on the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife as of 2007.

Since then we have had an influx of Eagle pairs and chicks in Connecticut as well. They are birds of prey that mate for life but there are instances when the pairs split and find new partners. I have always wanted to go on one of those Eagle cruises or Eagle viewing events and finally I took both of them this weekend.

This is breeding season so we get to see a lot of Eagles and chicks if we are lucky. In the Eagle viewing event that I went to Shepaug Dam on Saturday, Feb 18th, I got to see at least 5 Bald Eagle adult pairs and 4 to 6 immature Eagles (which are under 5 yrs of age). However, I didn’t have my telephoto lens and my DSLR camera even though had the 18-400mm lens didn’t get them as best captured.

So on Sunday, Feb 19th, when I went on the Eagle Cruise provided by Connecticut River Museum, I took my new telephoto lens to try to capture at least one Bald Eagle. The lens doesn’t go as close as the many photos you normally see. However, it went close enough for me. And getting to capture a beautiful pair of Bald Eagles with that lens was a treat for me. I know this is slightly blurry but I am super excited that I got them on my camera. Woo! Hoo!

We saw two more pairs of Bald Eagles and some immatures fighting over a drift wood stick. These are the immature eagles.

We also saw one of the Eagles’ nest too, way up high on a tree.

And we saw one perched on it’s nest too. Perhaps female, couldn’t tell from afar.

We also got to see some Cormorants, a Northern Harrier, Turkey Vultures (very grainy picture), an Osprey nest (another grainy picture) and Merganser Ducks (2 male and one female).

Here is a flying Cormorant.

Some of the buildings we came across – Marker 37 Restaurant – so called because the roof color was the exact shade of Marker 37. Again a grainy pic, thanks to my telephoto lens. Sorry. 😦

A gorgeous view of Gillette Castle from the river.

Only island that has a building on it on the Connecticut River – I believe this is Estuary Island.

We came across this green domed Church which I believe is for sale now. I couldn’t catch the name of it.

We also saw these Phragmite weeds all along the islands on the Connecticut River.

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