Wild Paradise: Eastern-Screech Owl

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On the Eagle Walk that I attended a couple weeks ago at the Shepaug Eagle Observatory, folks from Connecticut Audubon Society brought three birds of prey that they house and protect in their sanctuary. The first one was the Eastern-Screech Owl.

Apparently it is a “he” and has two families even though owls mate for life. Unfortunately a car had hit him and lost one of his eye in the process. He is an intermix of red and grey face; named as Maverick. True to the movie Top Gun, his mate Goose passed away sadly.

The Audubon folks were encouraging us to support the Rodenticides Bill that will introduce new rules on the usage of rodenticides as they are causing harm to raptors. They were also promoting the Lights Out Bill that will enforce rules to shut off the lights after a certain time to help migration of birds.

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