Destination: Adventure 6a: AlienCon 2023

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AlienCon takes you into unexplained charters and mysteries that play tug-of-war between science fact and science fiction. I love watching their shows on History Channel even though I know its more fiction than fact. So during my recent visit to Los Angeles, California I had an opportunity to go to the AlienCon 2023 event.

We attended a few panels of interesting discussions that were presided by hosts from the various programs on History Channel – Ancient Aliens, The UnXplained, The Proof is Out There and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. I was pleased to see some of my favorite hosts.

I noticed a lot of Sci-Fi characters everywhere in the marketplace area where they had several booths. A few of them here.

I got to meet one of the host from Ancient Aliens program – David Childress. He was very kind and patient with everyone including me.

Then I met this author who also was an actor in the 1990 B horror / science fiction film Syngenor (= Scared to Death 2) where he portrayed the role of the title horror monster.

It was surprising to see how humble and down to earth was the Robert Bruce Clotworthy – the voice behind all the episodes of Ancient Aliens. Here we see him conversing with someone dressed up as a character perhaps from the 1954 black and white 3D monster horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Oh almost forgot. We are “Moon Rocks” for lunch – loaded tatter tots without meat. They were deeeeelicious. 😛

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