Splendid Structures: St. Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church

For posts on all structures such as temples, churches and building I have come across, go here.

Prologue: A series that showcases the beautiful temples and churches I visit in my travels or I accidentally come across while taking an off-beaten path. And sometimes yes, I would include buildings and palaces too.

Built in 1930 by the Catholic parish in Ashford, Connecticut, the designer Paul Chalfin created a church with classical proportions and detail that is punctuated by a tower with an onion dome. Parishioners were mainly Irish immigrants, people of Irish descent and small portion of immigrants from Slovakia.

Father William Dunn played a key role in getting the church built which was done over a period of four years. The view of the church is very different between it front flat structure vs its rounded shape of a silo in the back.

The grounds of the church has this beautiful structure of a priest (perhaps!) carrying a child on his shoulder. I do not know what it represented but it felt peaceful just to look at it.

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