Celestial Kiss of Jupiter and Venus

Have you stepped out to see this rare phenomenon of the “Celestial Kiss”? Once in several year is the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction happens where they almost kiss each other. These two brightest planets in our solar system will not align this close again until 2039. Unfortunately I missed it yesterday when they were the closest. SoContinue reading “Celestial Kiss of Jupiter and Venus”

Beaver Blood Moon November 8 2022

Today we had the second Total Lunar Eclipse of 2022 in United States. The first one happened on May 15-16 and I missed it. This time I was determined to capture it in action. November Full Moon is called as Beaver Moon. However the Lunar Eclipse turns the moon into blood red color, and henceContinue reading “Beaver Blood Moon November 8 2022”

Rare five planets alignment – June 2022

I am always fascinated by the night sky and the astronomical world out there. Always wondering what wonders they sky would present us with, what show will the stars put on for us mere mortals to look at. And ofcourse the myriads of the times I daydreamed looking at them and thinking about the world(s)Continue reading “Rare five planets alignment – June 2022”