Cinema Slueth – Baking Spirits Bright

For all movies released by Lifetime Channel, go here. Stars: 3 / 5 Recommendation:  Another holiday movie with a similar plot such as saving family business by the lead actress, but they lost it on the chemistry part. Too bad it wasn’t marketed as a romantic comedy. Not bad for a first watch, but notContinue reading “Cinema Slueth – Baking Spirits Bright”

Cinema Slueth – Christmas Movie Magic

For all movies televised on Lifetime channel, go here. Stars: 4.5 / 5 Recommendation:  Thoughtfully written, engaging story, good acting even though the lead cast found their chemistry only in the last five minutes, with a spin of New Hollywood meeting the Old Hollywood, and a mystery rolled in with old-world romance. Christmas Movie MagicContinue reading “Cinema Slueth – Christmas Movie Magic”