Chasing Waterfalls: Kent Falls

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Prologue: Inspired by the 2021 Hallmark romantic movie Chasing Waterfalls started my own blog, featuring the local waterfalls in the State of Connecticut where I live, and also may be any waterfalls that I might come across in my trips around America and the World. The film was released in July, as part of their “Spring Fling” lineup. The lead actress, Cindy Busby, plays the part of Amy Atwater, a photo journalist who goes to a remote town to find a mythical waterfall. Her co-star Christopher Russell, plays the part of Mark North, the guide at the lodge where she stays in while visiting the town.

Now I am chasing these majestic and gorgeous waterfalls. Next up is Kent Falls in the town of Kent, Connecticut

As part of the Sky’s The Limit hiking challenge that I finished recently, one of the hikes I went to was Kent Falls State Park in the town of Kent, Connecticut. The key feature of this state park is a series of waterfalls called Kent Falls, flowing down the mountain stream known as Falls Brook.

The Falls Brook begins in the town of Warren draining an area of six or sever square miles.

From here it flows west where it dramatically plunges in a 70 feet cascade over the rocks which forms the beginning of the gorgeous Kent Falls.

It descends further into a series of lesser falls and cascades to the valley, where it enters the Housatonic River some 200 feet below, approximately a quarter mile away from the big cascade.

The park has a series of stone stairs that go begin at the bottom of this falls and take you up the series of the lesser falls before you reach the actual big cascade.

The flow in the cascade at Kent is normally heaviest in the spring when the winter snow is melting. Fall Foliage season though is excellent for capturing the changing colors along with the scenic falls in the background. However any season gives you a beautiful view of the falls and Mother Nature’s drama equally charming.

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