Aurora & Twilight: January 2022

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Prologue: Two of my favorite things that Mother Nature gives us to feast at are the Sunrise and Sunset. I can never get enough of them. So for 2022, I picked a Sunrise-Sunset themed blog where I will be posting one collaged picture of a Sunrise and a Sunset, one for each month of the year. Hoping that you will enjoy this photo collage of two of my favorite topics as well!

For the month of January, I picked Walnut Beach in the town of Milford, Connecticut for my Sunrise photo. We did not get many clear days this year in January. Either they were foggy, cloudy or super cold. But one particular day this month I was lucky enough to get a clear sky and perfect globe of the Sun reflecting in the Long Island Sound waters.

For Sunset, I picked the day when Earth approached closes to Sun, which happens only one day a year, the day Earth completes its orbit around the Sun. This year it was on January 4th, and the Sun appeared bigger than usual. I took this from one of my favorite spots, a huge field that overlooks a red barn and line by tall trees near to the horizon.

PS: The day I was taking the Sunrise shot, the Moon was still up and hadn’t set. Amazingly enough I could get them both in one shot. I never knew that Sunrise and Moonset could be seen in the same cardinal direction. Below is the moon alone

And both Sun and Moon in the same frame. You can see Sun at the bottom left, while the Moon on the top right. Hopefully you are able to see it.

I couldn’t resist to add one more pic of the Sunrise with the Charles Island to its left that is accessible from Silver Sands State Park, a few miles from Walnut Beach. When the tide is low one could walk across the sandy rocky beach to the Island and have a visit. I did that last year as part of my Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge. You can check it out here.

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