Aurora & Twilight: April 2022

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Prologue: Two of my favorite things that Mother Nature gives us to feast at are the Sunrise and Sunset. I can never get enough of them. So for 2022, I picked a Sunrise-Sunset themed blog where I will be posting one collaged picture of a Sunrise and a Sunset, one for each month of the year. Hoping that you will enjoy this photo collage of two of my favorite topics as well!

Finally, after a two year pandemic, I was able to visit my family in India. As I mentioned in my previous post, the Sunset was from my flight to Hyderabad, my home town. And for the month of April, I will be posting both Sunrise and Sunset from this town.

One of my dear friends had asked if there would be any location where we can view both Sunrise and Sunset from the same point. That made me think and I had researched a few locations in Connecticut where I live. However when I was looking for good spots for photographing Sunrise and Sunset in Hyderabad, I was surprised to find that there are so many locations where we could see Sunrise and Sunset.

Given the way the cities roads are built, mostly north-south direction, the chances of finding a spot where we could see sunrise on side and sunset on the other are very high, according to my mom. And she was true. So here we are with the gorgeous view of rising Sun from on end and setting Sun from the other end of Hussain Sagar Lake, commonly known as Tank Bund.

Now for more details beyond these.

An artificial lake that was built in 1563 by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah, the then fourth Sultan of Qutub Shahi Dynasty who ruled the Kingdom of Golconda in Southern India. The lake is fed by the waters from River Musi.

Here is the Sunrise from one side of the Hussain Sagar Lake that overlooked the city of Hyderabad.

And a few candid shots I tried while I was there: the early moon still seen right before the sun came up; one of my mom holding the sun in her palm; then my parents looking out into the rising sun; and finally a silly shot of me by the “Love Hyderabad” sculpture.

For Sunset we went to the Hussain Sagar Lake again, but this time from the Tank Bund road, overlooking the 18-meter high monolithic statue of Lord Buddha from atop the Rock of Gibraltar in the middle of the lake. The sun came down situated perfectly atop the head of Buddha. I was hoping it would go further down and sit behind his head, but the smog over the city of Hyderabad absorbed the sun ahead of time.

A few more candid shots I tried again: My parents watching the beginning of the sunset; Mom trying to capture the sun in her hand while towering over Lord Buddha’s statue.

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