Aurora & Twilight: June 2022

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Prologue: Two of my favorite things that Mother Nature gives us to feast at are the Sunrise and Sunset. I can never get enough of them. So for 2022, I picked a Sunrise-Sunset themed blog where I will be posting one collaged picture of a Sunrise and a Sunset, one for each month of the year. Hoping that you will enjoy this photo collage of two of my favorite topics as well!.

For the month of June I am bringing you both Sunrise and Sunset from the land of maple leaf, Canada. Early June, I went on a road trip with a couple of my friends to see three towns in Canada – Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa. We had such fun time exploring the beautiful cities with dominant French influence. And I certainly had to use this opportunity to gather my Sunrise and Sunset shots.

The perfect view of Sunrise I captured from the historic hotel of Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. The hotel is situated on top of a raised mass of land facing the Saint Lawrence River, from where the sun rose every day. Caught the sun just while it was rising up with the canon in the foreground – remnants from battles of the past.

Another view of the rising sun with a barge crossing the Saint Lawrence River.

Using the panoramic mode on my cellphone, I tried to get both the Chateau Frontenac and the sunrise in the same frame.

While in Ottawa, we visited a friend and his apartment was way up in the sky that we were able to see one of the beautiful sunsets once could see while being in the middle of a concrete jungle. However I had used my cellphone to take the shot this time. First time using a cellphone for such kind of photography.

I also tried having my friend hold the sun in his hand, but the cellphone settings perhaps need to be adjusted a little more.

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