Third Supermoon of 2022: July

The third Supermoon of 2022 occurred on Wednesday Jul 13th. However, this year there was a unique astronomical event around this Supermoon – it was seen for three days starting AM of Wednesday Jul 13 thru PM of Friday Jul 15. The clouds in the area where I live hampered my ability to capture this gorgeous orb on the day of the actual event. Thankfully, yesterday I managed to do it, even though it was only 99% full.

July Supermoon is also called as Buck Moon in te western world – named so by the Native Americans as that is when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur.

For Hindus all over the world, this full moon also marks the celebration of one’s teachers, aptly called as Guru Poornima. Teachers come in various forms in one’s life – parents, siblings, friends, mentors, colleagues, teachers, professors and many more. Celebrate and remember each one of them who had created an impact in your life and driven you to where you are today.

Couldn’t decide which one was a better shot, so adding the second moon pic as well. 😛

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