Wild Paradise: Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron is a rare species of heron that is usually found in coastal Spain, the Azores and southern Europe. However, we see them rarely in the eastern North America. I have been following it on ebird.com and trying to go to the locations it was reported as spotted. However, I always missed it. Finally this past week I was able to locate it not once but three times, albeit in the same location.

This is the Great Blue Heron from Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut.

I was hoping I would capture its flight and hence the chase three times. Perhaps the heat got to it as well since every time I was there it was just lazing on a branch or a rock. Finally I managed to get it in my camera but not as clear as I want it to be. Nonetheless, here is my best shot of Great Blue Heron in flight.

While waiting for the Heron to fly, found these beauties in the wilderness

A string of Canadian Geese floating around in cool water braving hot summer sun.

A deer grazing in the lily pond. In fact one of the times I saw two of them grazing and cooling themselves in the process.

Another bird that was very difficult to capture as it moved so much – the Red-winded Black Bird. Apparently this one is a “he”. 😛

This mysterious raptor (I think!) that I couldn’t get any closer as it was too high above and my lens went only so far.

Nature gives us beauty in one as small as a simple fly (not sure what the actual name of this was – top right in the picture); and a variety of grasshoppers along the lily pads.

And finally Mother Nature herself in all summer glory.

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