Aurora & Twilight: August 2022

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Prologue: Two of my favorite things that Mother Nature gives us to feast at are the Sunrise and Sunset. I can never get enough of them. So for 2022, I picked a Sunrise-Sunset themed blog where I will be posting one collaged picture of a Sunrise and a Sunset, one for each month of the year. Hoping that you will enjoy this photo collage of two of my favorite topics as well!.

I was in India again in the month of August, a trip that was supposed to be a short trip, but ended up becoming longer due to me falling sick. So my sunrise and sunset posts for August will be coming from India again.

The only opportunity I got to click a sunrise was from the plane when it was boarding the flight to my home town from Delhi, India in the beginning of August. So here is a hazy shot from the window of the plane. Notice that I managed to click the moon along with the sun. 🙂

With my sickness and healing from it, I didn’t think I would get an opportunity to get a view of the sunset. But I caught one while on the way to run an errand. Captured it with the foreground of urban jungle filled with electric poles and wires hanging from them.

I also had a chance to take one from a rooftop restaurant when I went to meet a friend. It was a beautiful sight to see the beauty of mother nature combining with concrete jungle.

But the clouds came on and sunset turned into a cloudy one even before our drinks had come. So here is my signature cocktail shot with the cloudy sunset as the backdrop.

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