Fork & Knife – Snowflake Pancakes

In the 2018 Hallmark movie Entertaining Christmas , the lead actress Jodie Sweetin’s character Candace Livingstone is asked to demonstrate to make snowflake pancakes. I was wondering what on earth these kind of pancakes could be. It was interesting to see her create, or rather her assistant character create them. They called them as  Livingstone staple treat.

If you have been following my blog, then you would know about my Obsession with Pancakes series. And these Snowflake Pancakes form the perfect addition to the series.

This year I am celebrating Christmas and New Year with my youngest brother and his family. So for Christmas morning I made these Snowflake Pancakes for breakfast for everyone. Since I didn’t really find any recipe or instructions online, I kind of created my own.

 I believe, they were a hit since my nephews ate them without a complaint. 🙂 In fact one of them called them as Jellyfish Pancakes. 😛

Here is my recipe that I created.


Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix – 3 Cups

Food Coloring – I used Red

Squeeze Bottle

Butter for cooking

Water as needed

Preparation Steps:

In a mixing bowl, mix 1 cup of Pancake Mix with Water into a thick and smooth batter.

Pour the batter into the Squeeze Bottle and keep it aside.

In the same mixing bowl, mix the remaining Pancake Mix with Water into thick and smooth batter.

Add the Red food color as needed. Make sure that the red color is enough so that the snowflake pops on it.

In a hot pan or skillet, apply butter.

Using the Squeeze Bottle, slowly squeeze the Pancake Mix into the shape of a Snowflake.

Now add a ladle full of Red colored Pancake mix on top of the Snowflake.

Cook on both sides till they turn golden brown.

Top with Maple Syrup before serving.


  1. We didn’t have brown food color, so we used Red color. You could use brown food color, or cocoa powder to the pancake mix.
  2. Since my sister-in-law doesn’t add milk or eggs to the mix, I didn’t either so kids wont find the difference. However, you could add them to your mix.
  3. You can also top it with Powdered Sugar or Whipped Cream.

The movie showed a pancake with a perfect snowflake design. Mine wasn’t a perfect snowflake. But again just like how each snowflake is unique and different, so are my snowflake pancakes too. 🙂 Hope you had fun reading my blog, and equally fun in creating these Snowflake Pancakes.

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