Destination: Adventure 11a – Yes, it’s Rail Biking, not Trail !!

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A thrilling experience one should try at least once. Despite the rain, we had a pleasant bike, gorgeous views of up and down the Hudson River, with the confluence of the Boreas and Hudson Rivers seen to the East.

In 2021 me and a friend of mine took this adventurous trip of biking on a railway line. A thrilling experience given to us by Revolution Rail Co. where we did the  NY – NORTH BRIDGE RUN – NORTH CREEK rail biking option. We biked out and back 7 miles trip through the beautiful Adirondack forest canopy, and then over the Hudson on a spectacular trestle bridge.

Here are my thoughts on this amazing experience.


  1. Very easy to bike
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Instructions were thorough and detailed.
  4. Optimal break time for the group to rest on the banks of Boreas River and have a bite while the guides prepared us to bike back.

5. The coolest part was the way the guides spun the bikes on the rails for us to bike back to the launch point.


  1. The guide who was beginning the biking at the launch point did not wait for everyone to get loaded and locked before he started.
  2. At the moment we all were to start biking it started to rain and caused more chaos to us.
  3. It took a few tries before we got the hang of the rail bike, mainly because of the heavy rain.

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