Holidays & Observances: Pushya Putrada Ekadasi

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Prologue: I have been meaning to write a series about unique Holidays and Observances that we (my family and friends) follow in both India (my birth country) and USA (my adopted country). This series is dedicated to those kids of posts. On a side note, perhaps I might witness some of the celebrations from other countries as well that may get their way into this series. 🙂

Ekadasi is one of the observances followed by Hindus across the world. It is the eleventh lunar day of each of the two lunar phases which occur in a month. So we get two Ekadasis in a month typically according to Indian Vedic calendar – first one being the Shukla Paksha (the period of the brightening moon also known as the waxing phase) and the Kṛishna Paksha (the period of the fading moon also known as the waning phase)

Ekadasi is also a favorite thithi (= duration of the two phases of moon that is observed from the earth) of Lord Krishna and people observe fasting on this day in honor of him. Having people do fasting twice a month in the name of God seems superstitious and religion oriented. However, I believe that was the easier way to make people follow the routine centuries ago when awareness and knowledge was not spread far and wide.

Allowing your body to fast twice a month is an excellent way of cleansing and detoxifying to aid in repair and rejuvenation. In this medically advanced world today, doctors all over are prescribing this type of fasting for reducing weight and healthy living. So, health point of you I believe Hindus have been following the right methods unknowingly.

Usually Ekadasis begin with Toli Ekadasi (= First Ekadasi) which happens on June 29 this year. However I am beginning my series with the first Ekadasi of the year 2023 according to Gregorian calendar. So, the first Ekadasi for 2023 is Pushya Putrada Ekadasi which was on January 2 2023.

Coming back to the religion aspect of the Ekadasis, Pushya Putrada Ekadasi, meaning Ekadasi that is the giver of sons / children, is mainly for couples who wish to have a good child. They worship god Vishnu on this day. But many others do fasting on this day just for pure cleansing benefits.

I fasted eating less carbohydrate and high protein items and eating more of fruit, veggies and coconut water. And celebrated the day at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California with my brother and his family. It was a rainy and chilly day but still managed to get in a few shows and rides.

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