Holidays & Observances: Shattila Ekadasi

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For prologue on Ekadasi, go to the very first post here.

Prologue: I have been meaning to write a series about Holidays and Observances that we (my family and friends) follow in both India (my birth country) and USA (my adopted country). This series is dedicated to those kids of posts. On a side note, perhaps I might witness some of the celebrations from other countries as well that may get their way into this series. 🙂

The second Ekadasi that falls in the month of January is Shattila Ekadasi. As I mentioned in the very fist Ekadasi post, if you put the religion aside, Allowing your body to fast twice a month is an excellent way of cleansing and detoxifying to aid in repair and rejuvenation.

The Shattila Ekadasi is associated with donations and charity to feed poor and needy. Traditionally one performs pooja to Lord Vishnu and the offerings such as fruits and sweets and other dishes are donated appropriately. One could also donate clothing and shoes as needed.

Again here the religious side is added to the day so common man can learn the goodness in donating to poor and needy. By making then do the devotional stuff, the rules are also forcing them to do something for the next human being.

For my part, I donated some old clothes to the local Savers hoping that someone will be using them.

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