Bites N Flavors – Mac N’ Out Macaroni & Cheese

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Prologue: May 10th is National Small Business Day. One of those are these cute little mom and pop restaurants or locally owned cafes and dive-ins. This series brings forth those little nuggets of places that I visit for my meals.


A family owned restaurant with some of their own recipes, the place takes into a world of Mac N Cheese teasing and tantalizing your taste buds to every and any kind of that variety you can create under the sun. Do stop by if you are in Milford, CT.

Have you ever visited a restaurant dedicated entirely to just one dish? Well, that’s what we get at Mac N’ Out Macaroni & Cheese in Milford, Connecticut. I have had Mac n Cheese may be one time in my life before we went to this restaurant. The place blew me away!

Here are my 2 cents:

First Impressions:

  1. Again don’t go by it’s box-shaped fast food restaurant style outside look. Enter to find a world of mac n cheese that will take you to far far worlds.
  2. The entire store is colored in bright yellow and has portraits of all kinds of mac n cheese and everything related to it.

3. Charming place with small dining area giving it a cozy feeling.

4. One wall has the Tailgating Menu with the football field backdrop. We didn’t ask what does football have to do with mac n cheese, but simply surmised the owner might be a football fan. 😛

5. Menu as I mentioned is every and any kind of Mac N Cheese you can get under the sun.

6. Very very reasonably priced with munchies, sides and salads.


  1. They show you three sizes of pans for ordering the choice of mac n cheese you want. I took the medium sized pan. Even that was a huge portion for us. Should have gone with the small pan when we werent going to share. 🙂

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