Strange Oddities and Peculiar Pretties: Colorful Lanterns

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Lyman Orchards in Middletown, Connecticut host the Dazzling L.I.F.E. Lantern Festival that occurs in the peak winter months. Last year we went to see over 400 illuminated lantern displays around a winding 1/2 mile walking path. Inspires by 2000 year old Asian art of lantern making, we get to go through the vibrant worlds of animals, plants, insects, reptiles and humans. This is the most favorite of all for me.

For most part they are displayed as a story narrated by a grandfather to his two grand kids. The stories told by the grandfather take us through various lands and give us a glimpse into their worlds. See a few of them below.

I played with a Baboon or a Chimpanzee although he tried to capture me instead. 😛

When we visited the place, it was a couple days after full moon. I was able to capture the moon along with these magical lanterns.

And more shots of the moon with the lanterns in the foreground.

And here is a closeup of the moon.

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