Destination: Adventure 5e – Meeting author Roshani Chokshi

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Reading books is one of my favorite passion, although I am more towards fiction romance and fiction mystery / thrillers. And when I get an opportunity to meet my favorite authors I don’t miss it. On Valentine’s Day I met Roshani Chokshi, author of the Young Adult series Pandava Quintet with Aru Shah as the female protagonist.

The series is part of Rick Riordan Presents publishing imprint, and just like Riordan’s other books, Chokshi has her stories set in Hindu God Mythology. Riordan’s were set around Norse Gods, Roman Gods and Greek God mythologies. My oldest nephew Srithan is a huge fan of her books. So I had to go and meet her.

I got to see her in conversation with Chloe Gong, another young adult fiction author. Chokshi was here to promote her first adult fiction – The Last Tale of the Flower Bride.

Chokshi was super cool and entertaining. Here she is taking a selfie with some of her fans.

The event was held in the gorgeous St. Ann and Holy Trinity Church. Look at the architecture inside the church. Beautiful and simply stupendous.

And I have to include my nature picture here for sure. Shouldn’t I! 😛 Check out the beautiful NYC skyline from the highway with the sun setting behind.

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