Bridge, Buggy & Byway: Kosciuszko Bridge

Refer to various posts on Bridges, Buggies and Boardwalks (includes Railway Lines) that I come across during my hikes and travels.

Prologue: Here is a fun series showcasing unique or interesting bridges; charming vehicles that I pictured with; boardwalks that I came across during my hikes or jaunts; and railway lines giving a perfect backdrop for my photoshoots.

Named after Polish military leader Tadeusz Kościuszko, who fought alongside the Americans in the American Revolutionary War, the Kosciuszko Bridge is a fairly newer bridge – east bound opened in 2017 and west bound opened in 2019. It a cable-stayed bridge over Newtown Creek in New York City, connecting Greenpoint in Brooklyn to Maspeth in Queens. During my visit to meet author Roshani Chokshi, I drove over this in daylight as well as when it was lit up in the night.

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