Bites N Flavors – Ocho Café

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Prologue: May 10th is National Small Business Day. One of those are these cute little mom and pop restaurants or locally owned cafes and dive-ins. This series brings forth those little nuggets of places that I visit for my meals.


Step in to be taken to the colorful land of Mexico and enjoy the various menu items including signature drinks with tequila. A very satisfying place for one’s mind, body and soul.

I have been meaning to try this restaurant, Ocho Café, for a while. And couple weeks ago I was here with a friend. Loved the ambience and the décor, food was simply scrumptious; and don’t forget the amazing cocktails.

Here are my 2 cents:

First Impressions:

  1. The location is very accessible and plenty of parking considering it is in a strip mall. It is in West Hartford, Connecticut.
  2. The ambience is very inviting and there is something to look and admire at every nook and corner of the restaurant. Several hand-made pieces and also those that are made from scrap metal hung all over the walls and floor.

3. Menu was enticing and reasonably priced. I specially loved the salsa that they gave with the chips as the opening food on the house. It had the right amount of spiciness that made us crave for more. We get to see various kids of Mexican cuisine just like in any other such restaurant but everything on the scrumptious side.

4. The check was given in this cute little hand-made bag that in itself is a work of art.

5. And not to forget the ceiling – even the chandeliers are very unique pieces of art.


  1. Nothing jumped out that I want to see improvements or adjustments on. This was a very satisfying place for mind, body and soul.

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