Strange Oddities and Peculiar Pretties: Head Cradling Massage

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Verdictum: You have a headache or a thrumming pain, Art of Touch is the place to go to relax, let go of your worries, and come away with a head that is less painful, and a mind completely refreshed.

Have you ever wanted to have a head massage done? Say you have a headache or you just want to relax and sleep while someone else massages your head to detox you in mind? I have tried a few places of the years. However, this place comes close to best for me.

Art of Touch in Newington, Connecticut is a spa run by Hungarians or people who have origins in Hungary. I was hesitant to go due to my past experiences, but I needed to go to curb this thrumming headache I had that week.

Here are my thoughts on this amazing experience:


  1. Locally and a community owned business so it gives us an opportunity to support this small business.
  2. The entrance to the spa says it all. Its artistically arranged with twinkling fairy lights showing from inside and the spa hours noted on another blackboard kind of plaque.

3. Pleasing ambience all through the spa, with repurposed wood used for various pieces of furniture.

4. It was around the Valentine’s Day I went so saw this cure little note on this board for everyone. I wonder what the message this month would be? Happy St. Patrick’s Day? 😛

5. Loved the vintage furniture all around the spa too.

6. Courteous front-desk person, well knowledgeable masseuse, and quality products used on your skin and hair.

7. They also gave a back massage, and shoulder rub along with neck and head massage.

8. I havent tried the other massages, but I am curious to try a few more.

9. I noticed a few men also using their services, so looks like the spa is encouraging men also to better groom themselves.


  1. I didn’t find anything that the spa needs to improve on or get better at.

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