Strange Oddities and Peculiar Pretties: Find peace at the Labyrinth

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Ever walked inside a Labyrinth for some much needed peace and soul healing? My friend and I did this a couple weeks ago. Never knew there was a Labyrinth this close to my home. Constructed in 2008, a Labyrinth typically represents one’s life’s journey and is an ancient symbol of wholeness. There is no one way to walk it – you can go in either direction. Just remember to come back the same way you went in.

Breath in, be silent and walk towards the center being present at the moment. Empty your mind of any disturbances or thoughts. However, it was very hard not to notice the beginnings of spring with morning dew attached to them. Several stones placed around had impressions of leaves and flowers adding to the mystique of the Labyrinth.

When you reach the center, breathe slowly, meditate and say a prayer staying as long as you want. We noticed several painted rocks lying around and someone’s artwork drenched in rain.

You walk the same path you went in to get out of the Labyrinth and in the process your soul reaches out and hangs on to the peace you found when you were in the center. While returning from the Labyrinth we came across Father John’s Garden

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