Wild Paradise: Tulips

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Connecticut’s very own Holland, Netherlands can be seen in the form of Wicked Tulips Flower Farm i the town of Preston. They also host one of the largest U-Pick events where you can pick up to 10 flowers per ticket.

With approximately 1.5 million Tulips, we can see them in the form of every shade and color that one can imagine.

Needed to get a respite from the weakness and nausea after undergoing a surgical radiation procedure, I insisted my brother to take me here. It not only refreshed me but felt really good to be out and about and simply enjoying these gorgeous blooms.

My traditional spinning photo amongst the tulips.

And my brother who didn’t want me to take a lot of his pictures. 😛

Finally here are the Tulips we picked while visiting the farm. Though they didn’t stay more than 10 days, it was nice to see fresh flowers.

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