Bites N Flavors – Pho 135

For posts on various restaurants that I visited, go here.

Prologue: May 10th is National Small Business Day. One of those are these cute little mom and pop restaurants or locally owned cafes and dive-ins. This series brings forth those little nuggets of places that I visit for my meals.

Verdictum: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine with inviting interiors and charming hospitality, this place is one good stop if you crave Vietnamese food.

The restaurant doesn’t announce much, and in fact doesn’t have a website big enough – just a simple static page with the menu listed. Step it to experience a slice of Vietnam.

Here are my 2 cents:

First Impressions:

1) Unique decorations reflecting the culture and traditions of Vietnam.

2) Reasonably priced menu with several vegetarian options which was key for us.

3) Courteous hosts and hostesses who waited on us with patience.
4) Sits between a fitness center and a physical therapy center, don’t get fooled by it’s brick and mortar exterior. Once you enter the restaurant charms you in every way.
5) Interesting point to note is their Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame – its for those who either completed or attempted to eat a huge bowl of noodle soup aka Pho. We took a small one that was shared by me and my brother’s family. Clearly many attempted to eat that huge bowl but only a few completed it. 🙂

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