Beaver Blood Moon November 8 2022

Today we had the second Total Lunar Eclipse of 2022 in United States. The first one happened on May 15-16 and I missed it. This time I was determined to capture it in action. November Full Moon is called as Beaver Moon. However the Lunar Eclipse turns the moon into blood red color, and henceContinue reading “Beaver Blood Moon November 8 2022”

Third Supermoon of 2022: July

The third Supermoon of 2022 occurred on Wednesday Jul 13th. However, this year there was a unique astronomical event around this Supermoon – it was seen for three days starting AM of Wednesday Jul 13 thru PM of Friday Jul 15. The clouds in the area where I live hampered my ability to capture thisContinue reading “Third Supermoon of 2022: July”

Second Supermoon of 2022 – June 14

Month of June brings us the Full Strawberry Moon, which also marks the second Supermoon for the year 2022. Considerably larger than usually how moon looks for us earthlings, this time it also comes with a special treat – it’s golden/red hued, depending on how your camera lens captures it. However, the name “Strawberry Moon”Continue reading “Second Supermoon of 2022 – June 14”